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The Moonshine

Born out of the Austin Hill Country and inspired by The Roaring ’20s, Crystal Creek Moonshine brings a new twist to an American classic. Distilling the highest quality of 'shine made from Texas grown ingredients creates a unique taste that is perfect for drinking on the rocks or in almost any combination of mixed drink


Co-Founders & Master Mooners / Sam Wakefield & Shane Berber

Distillery Ops / Sgt. Juan Poncedeleon


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The Distillery 


Crystal creek distillery

906 South Pace Bend Rd. Suite 100

Spicewood, Texas 78669


Request Moonshine

We are currently available in Texas, but please drop us a note if you'd like to see our moonshine on the shelves at your local speakeasy, watering hole or any such establishment serving/selling spirits. 

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